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We offer a professional and friendly environment to help you achieve your health goals.

Our Therapists are all highly trained and aim to assess your individual needs, select an appropriate treatment plan to get you moving and feeling better today!

See below for more details about the services we offer and our prices.


Our Services

Remedial Massage Therapy

A hands on approach using various science based techniques to effectively treat most general and specific aches and pains, stress, muscle tension, injuries, movement restrictions and assist in rehabilitation.

The initial consultation involves a thorough physical examination and functional testing to accurately diagnose the cause of pain, injury and/or dysfunction.

Your remedial massage therapist will use this information to form a treatment plan to meet your goals in a time effective and cost effective way.


A combination of soft tissue release techniques, sports massage, trigger point therapy and stretching.

Effective at treating:

  • General and local aches, pains and stiffness

  • Chronic pain   

  • Headaches

  • Anxiety/stress

  • Pre and Post Sports

  • Injury rehab

  • Poor Mobility 


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PhysioKey Therapy

Physiokey Therapy (SCENAR Device) is performed using a hand held electro-therapy biofeedback device that can be applied to most problem areas which are causing pain to an individual. Electrical impulses are sent from the device which interact with the nerves of the painful region.


Physiokey is the latest development in the medical technology field of bio-feedback controlled non-invasive neurostimulation. In numerous studies, the Physiokey has shown significant increase in treatment efficiency, speed, and more importantly, positive patient outcomes.


What will Physiokey do for you?


  • Treatment of Acute Pain and Chronic Pain

  • Back and Neck Pain

  • Shoulder Injuries/Pain

  • Fibromyalgia pain and fatigue

  • Neuropathy

  • Reduces Swelling/Inflammation

  • Oedema

  • Improves Circulation

  • Improve Function and Flexibility


 Ali Elmabrook is a fully qualified practitioner of this effective new treatment.

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Dry Needling & Cupping Therapy

Dry needling is a procedure in which a one or more very fine needles are inserted directly into specific areas of sensitive tissues, such as trigger points (muscle fibre contractions/knots) which can be the cause of many acute and chronic aches, pains and dysfunctions.

Dry needling can be used to treat a variety of musculoskeletal and neurological conditions.

Most commonly we use Dry Needling to treat muscular pain and tension in areas of the body such as the neck, back, shoulders or legs.


Other conditions we can effectively treat include:

  • headaches 

  • migraines 

  • carpal tunnel 

  • muscle cramps/spasm

  • jaw pain


Myofascial cupping involves the use of plastic cups and vacuum that

lifts and separates soft tissue, an effect known as negative or tensional

pressure. It can help treat soft tissue conditions and musculoskeletal

tension, pain, and common sporting injuries. It can also create

relaxation by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system.


Our Pricing

Remedial Massage and Physiokey Therapy Treatment Fees:


Initial Consultation: $95  60min
Initial consults are 60 minute appointments for new clients which involve a thorough assessment and treatment.


Standard Consultation: $85  45min

Standard consults are 45 minute follow-up appointments that involve a shorter re-assessment and analysis and longer treatment time.


Short Consultation: $65  30min

Short consultations are great for general maintenance or focusing on one key area. 

Our clients with private health insurance enjoy the benefits of receiving on-the-spot claims with 

Our Therapists

Ali Elmabrook

Clinic Director & Remedial Therapist

Currently Studying Myotherapy  (known as Musculoskeletal Therapy)

Certified Physiokey Practitioner

Dip RMT, M.Pharm

Registered with Professional Association ANTA

More about Ali

Alan Park

Remedial Therapist Dip RMT

Cert III in Fitness, Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

Registered with Professional Association AAMT 

More about Alan

 Lynn Tan

 Remedial Therapist Dip RMT

Dip Professional Pilates Instruction

Registered with Professional Association ANTA

More about Lynn

Max Lagan

Clinic Assistant Director & Remedial Therapist

Dip. RMT, Cert II Sports Coach

Registered with Professional Association  ANTA

More about Max

Jean-Luke Harding

Remedial Therapist Dip RMT

Registered with Professional Association AAMT 

More about Jean-Luke

What Our Clients Say

I've been seeing Ali and Max for nearly 8 years now. As a tennis player and gym junkie, I often experience aches, pains and tightness. I always feel better after a treatment and notice a significant increase in range of movement. They are very passionate about what they do and, when it comes to anatomy and biomechanices, they really know their stuff! As a Personal Trainer with Vitalita Health and Fitness, I refer many clients to Function Therapy as I know they will be in good hands. I highly recommend them!

—  Sam Scibilia, Vitalita Health & Fitness


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Monday - Saturday

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