The latest technological development in pain relief and management!

The German developed Physiokey Scanner has revolutionised a therapy method that was initially used in Russia since the early 1980’s.  

It specialises in the fast relief and sustained recovery from both acute and chronic pain as well as loss of function. The Physiokey has been medically approved to do just that.

SCENAR therapy is different from other therapeutic stimulation because of the type of electronic stimulation it produces. The device interacts with the body using light electrical impulses through the skin to precisely and simultaneously locate, measure and treat problem areas to help relieve pain and restore function.

Locally (where the pain is) SCENAR is able to stimulate the muscles and blood vessels in order to improve blood flow and reduce swelling, inflammation and pain. More globally (the whole body) SCENAR can have positive effects on the nervous, endocrine and immune systems.

SCENAR offers a highly effective and lasting form of natural pain relief and gives remarkably fast results with acute injuries and offers steady improvement with chronic issues that may have been resistant to other therapies without any side-effects and it doesn't hurt a bit!

What conditions can SCENAR therapy help with?

  • Acute or chronic pain

  • Muscle spasms

  • Strains or sprains

  • Limited range of motion

  • Post-surgery rehabilitation

  • Frozen shoulder

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Poor circulation

  • Inflammation

  • Nerve related conditions

  • Arthritis


Important to know​

  • The treatment is completely pain-free and safe

  • Effects are felt after a maximum of three sessions

  • No negative side effects

  • Very few contraindications

What to expect in a SCENAR therapy treatment:

Ali (Our Physiokey Specialist) will place the device on your skin and you will feel a tingling sensation, the electrical impulses are safe and designed to mimic the natural electrical signals of your nervous system. Your practitioner may adopt the brushing or dosing technique or a combination of both depending on your complaint, the area and severity of your pain.  You are encouraged to tell your practitioner of any change or sensations you feel.

Scenar treatment normally takes between 30 – 45 minutes and the aim is to achieve change in your condition during the treatment.  It is important to remember that your body will continue to feel the effects of the treatment after you leave, in some cases you may feel worse in the interim but don’t be alarmed, it is a good indication that your body is responding quickly and a change is occurring.  Keep a note of any change you experience and advise your practitioner at your next visit.