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Remedial Therapist Dip RMT 

Dip Professional Pilates Instruction 

Registered with Professional Association ANTA

Lynn is a remedial massage therapist who works closely with her clients to first gain a 360 degree understanding of them, their lifestyle, and their movement goals and needs, before crafting tailored massage treatment plan. She blends empathy, science and her understanding of the human anatomy in each of her consultations, because the truth is, no “body” is the same.
Previously she worked with a variety of clients in a Pilates studio and obtained useful experience and knowledge, but felt that she could do more to help clients feel and move better.
As a therapist she likes to provide people with options on what they prefer and what they believe works better for them. With this in mind, she complements massage with other modalities such as stretching and exercises to achieve better outcome in treatment.


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