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Remedial Therapist Dip RMT 

Registered with Professional Association ANTA

Tom is a qualified remedial Massage therapist with a diploma from Demi International, As an avid union player, he understands sports and the injuries and rehabilitation associated with all different fields.


He is passionate about helping clients understand the cause and assisting with rehabilitation. Giving clients the opportunity to live their best life. Educating clients on how to best support themselves by assisting them with their recovery.


He is always looking for more ways to broaden his knowledge and to help clients with their pain and problems 


Tom, has had extensive mentoring with renowned physiotherapists and other massage therapists coordinating through various sporting facilities. his techniques include Trigger Point, Myofascial Release, Joint Mobilization, Rehabilitation and Recovery, Cupping, Muscle Energy Techniques, and Sports Massage. 

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